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The World Health Practitioners (WHP) is the foremost international organization uniting more than 35 million potential members across the world practicing in a variety of health care fields. The purpose of WHP is to make it possible for practicing doctors in different fields of health care system to be identified through a reliable identifier, using a uni-shaped international identification document. The iDrCard® project is an innovative implementation of this goal and is promoted to all eligible doctors in different areas of practice. The World Health Practitioners (WHP) introduced the iDrCard®, enabling cross-border Health Professionals to receive the high level reliability and security standards of recognition and enjoy the potential privileged opportunities.

iDrCard® Family

iDrCard® is not only serving the purpose of identifying the status of being a doctor, but also is a prestigious tool that enables the holder to enjoy a ton of potential privileged services across the world. You can apply for WHP membership and an iDrCard®  if you meet the requirements of eligibility.
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Learn about the WHP and its iDrCard® The World Health Practitioners (WHP) helps qualified doctors across the world to be identified through a uniform identification document, iDrCard®. Doctors are required to be the WHP members to become eligible to apply for iDrCard®.

Our Actions:

Membership – Interested eligible doctors across the world are required to be members of the WHP to benefit from the iDrCard® potential privileges. The WHP’s Membership Department handles all inquiries regarding the membership process. Quality – The WHP has an inherent mandate to continuously improve the quality of services provided by iDrCard® project. We monitor and maintain quality of services and member benefits through ongoing improvement and remediation. Vision – A cordial intention of the WHP is to find out the potential needs and interests of its members to figure out better list of services. Informed and inspired by feedback from the members and the partners, the WHP’s direction for the next years will be set. The future strategic plan will include a new mission, vision, strategic priorities and better implementation. This plan will guide the WHP, management and staff in moving forward as we continue our work to fulfill our member’s interest.


Prestigious verified international Doctor photo ID card and proof of your professional status on the go.


Our database are globally accessible for all organizations to verify your identity.


The iDrCard® holder could be entitled to benefit from a variety of VIP and priority services globally. (where applicable, unlocked six months after registration)


As a card holder, you might have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular offers and discounts from designated seminars, events, exhibitions, manufactures, airlines, hotels, restaurants, tours, VIP lounges and etc. (where applicable, unlocked six months after registration)

Combination of iDrCard® Family









It’s very important that everyone, everywhere knows you as professional. My main reason for joining iDrCard® is to show a dedication to my profession. I value membership because of the professional network for keeping up with both people and the work they do. Thank you so much WHP for your services.

Danmeng Fung O.T.D.

I believe professionals in all health fields should join iDrCard® to help themselves and the community. I started my iDrCard® journey recently and really didn’t know where it would take me. I knew that joining would help me demonstrate my devotion to the profession and help build out my resume for that all important first position.

Aneesh Singh M.D.

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